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RiDoc Crack

RiDoc Crack + Full Version Free Download


Usually, decreasing the size of scanned documents can have a moderately severe effect on the image quality, especially when dealing with extreme shrinkage. It is where specialized applications such as RiDoc Crack come into play. In just a few words, it is a streamlined and lightweight piece of an app designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible to work with your scanner and ensure that any scan can fit an A4 page format.

It allows the scanner to receive electronic versions of documents and sets the special-sized electronic versions of documents or image files. RiDoc provides an opportunity to reduce the electronic version of documents or image files without losing information quality. The main option is getting the electronic version of the document using a scanner—the Conservation assembly-file in different graphic formats (BMP, jpeg, tiff, png). Reception to galleries scanned document. Export electronic version document in MS Word. Export electronic version document in PDF file. Dispatch assembly-file on email.

RiDoc Crack + Full Version Free Download


Easy to deploy &, thanks to its user-friendly UI, easy to work with as well

Thanks to a simple installer, deploying this utility on your PC system is by no means a challenge. Subsequently, upon first launching the app, you are greeted by the app’s intuitive & rather non-pretentious user interface.

Also, the main UI element that stands out is the top toolbar. It’ll provide you with quick access to all the app’s main controls and features. You should firstly choose an installed scanner.

Fit scans to an A4 page format and save them to some of the most useful graphic formats.

It said, working with RiDoc involves you having to open and scan documents, using the ‘Assembly’ or built-in OCR engine, and then saving or printing the documents. It is the best time to note that the application can save your scans to various formats such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and even PDF.

The application also enables you to use a set of pattern watermarks that can be overlayed on the scanned images, quite handy for ensuring a higher degree of protection. It provides you with the possibility to email scanned documents directly from its main window for your convenience.

A4 document scanning made a whole lot easier by RiDoc.

Finally, the utility comes with support for the following languages: English, Deutsch, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Armenian, and Turkish.

Taking everything into consideration, RiDoc is a simple scanning application that allows you to work better with your scanner and enables you to fit any page to an A4 page format without compromising its quality.

Document scanning

RiDoc is a simple tool for scanning & reducing the size of scanned documents (up to 80%) without compromising on image quality.

RiDoc lets you scan a PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, or TIFF file and support multipage PDF and TIFF documents. It can even export a scan into an MS Word document.

Emailing documents scanned by RiDoc is fast & cost-efficient thanks to the compact size of files produced by the program.

This app supports automatic document feeding (ADF) to automatically scan several documents and then process them in a single batch.

Text recognition (OCR)

It allows users to convert scanned documents into editable text. A software like this should always be within reach when you need to turn a simple document into an editable text file on the PC.

To recognize text from a document, users can scan a new one or open an existing image file (BMP, PNG, JPEG, or multipage TIFF).

It uses the Tesseract OCR engine, a free product currently supporting a massive number of languages.

Creation of document copies

It will create a copy of your document and print it the necessary number of times. Before sending a document to print, RiDoc enables you to adjust its brightness and contrast. Sometimes, a scanned document’s brightness/contrast ratio is not perfect, which results in the poor readability of the scan, hardly discernible signatures, stamps, and other elements. It can potentially lead to the loss of important information and difficulty verifying a document copy’s authenticity. The same problems are characteristic of copiers, so you are forced to make extra copies, thus wasting lots of paper.

Also, it doesn’t have this issue – you only send a scan to print after you’ve made sure it has the necessary quality.


Use the watermarking function to protect your documents. You can select a style, color, opacity, & size for your watermarks.

Creating document archives

The easiest method of organizing the documents is to sort them into folders according to specific selection criteria. Searching for & opening the necessary folder can be a tedious & tiring process.

The “Quick Folders” function is a convenient tool for quickly saving documents to the necessary folders. First, create a list of folders the documents will be saved to. When saving a document, make a single click on the name of the necessary folder in the “Quick Folders” list – and your document will be saved right away.

Other Features

Advantage of Ridoc:

  • Scans images, documents, and fit to A4 page format of small scanned images (button “Assembly”).
  • Overlay watermarks on scanned images.
  • Scanner program for daily use.

RiDoc as Scanning Software:

  • It supports getting the electronic version of the document from a scanner.
  • Batch scanning.
  • Also, it supports saving the document in different graphic formats (BMP, jpeg, png).
  • It supports scanning the document into TIFF (multipage mode).
  • Ridoc supports – scanning document into Word.
  • Also, Ridoc supports – scanning document into PDF.
  • You have the option of scanning documents into the printer, email.
  • Virtual printer: PDF, DOC, XLS – into a tiff, BMP, png

RiDoc as Document management software:

  • Quickly and easily saves scanned documents on your computer with the help of technology “QuickFolder.”
  • It supports Creating a gallery of scanned documents and images.
  • It has a single mechanism to manage both electronic documents.

How to Crack? 

  • First, download RiDoc Crack Software from the given below link. 
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  • After installation is complete, then close the program if running. 
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