Lumion 13 Pro Crack Activation Code Torrent [2023]

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Lumion 13 Pro Crack

Lumion 13 Pro Crack Activation Code Torrent [2023]

Lumion 13 Pro Crack is officially released, and there are a couple of features that I kind of like. One thing to note is that for this release, they focused a little bit more on things that have to do with realism. Things being realistic and high quality. There is no much talk about performance, but then let’s get right into it.

Features of Lumion 13 Pro Crack:


  • The very first one is displacement. So I’m a huge fan of anything that has to do with displacement. And the guys at Lumion have gone ahead to add materials that now support displacement.
  • So if you’re getting a copy of lumion, you will have about 167 brand-new displacement materials that you can work with — these displacement materials mostly from polygons. So the guys at polygon have gone ahead actually to create materials that support this displacement.
  • And I think for some reason for the other materials that exist in lumion. Now you have the ability actually to work with displacements in them.


  • And speaking about materials, Lumion 13 Pro Crack now comes with a brand new set of 134 new materials, and all of these materials have displacement baked into them. And these materials are twelve new soil materials, which include sand for the beach and some other stuff.
  • There are also nine rock materials and ten exterior materials that have to do with metal, concrete, stone, and three indoor tile materials. And all of these materials, according to the guys from lumion they do support wet rain, soft edges, and foliage.
  • But one thing which is notice is the materials don’t really have so much of a tile. And when it gets to do its edges, especially if you’re working with things that don’t really have UV than them. So there is a trick around that there has to do with you were doing it at the edges or using some plant or you know some artifacts to cover it up with the 134 inclusive brand-new materials in the lumen.
  • It is now totaling to about eight thousand two hundred and twenty-nine cereals that you can work within lumion. Now we cannot just talk about materials without talking about objects.


  • Also, the guys at lumion have also added high quality realistic 364 new objects. And these objects range from fine detail nature or plans and 5hd our skies. There are also 180 interior objects that you can work with. You’ll get 81 exterior objects, which include building, lights, and so on. Also, there are 11 vehicles that you can also go ahead and play.
  • And for the guys, I’ll be wondering about animated people yes, of course, 30 brand new high-quality animated people include men, women, older people, and also people on the bike.
  • With these brand new 364 new objects that are existing in Lumion 13 Pro Crack. It is not totally into 5758 contents that you can get. So it’s quite obvious that you can easily now get very realistic rendering. I mean, these guys are going for hyperrealism now. And speaking about hyper-realistic things, they’ve also added a fine nature detail feature.

Fine Nature Detail:

  • This feature is pro only, but the thing with this is that you can now see a pressed version of your models, especially for the brand new models. They’ve been added, and I think the models that actually support this is the 62 brand new fine detailed nature object. So you can get up close and see the displacement on the backs of the object.
  • You can literally see the wind moving the things and, on the other hand, is going to be extremely heavy. Of course, the final rendering is going to be super realistic. But at the same time with these fine nature details in your scene is definitely going to slow down both render time and performance.
  • So what I would suggest is if you want to work with these you can bring them up close. And before the ones that your camera would not see. You can put the low poly versions at the back and get something very moderate. We’re now moving on to something else that actually makes me smile. So this is something that has already existed in twin motion before. And for some reason, I think it is also very cool to actually see coming over to lumion, which is the Height Map.

Height Map:

  • This time they are not just bringing in Height Map from the open street, but you can now get Height Map with real context renders directly in your scene. And this doesn’t just come with the contacts alone, but it also comes with the landscape.
  • So with this feature inclusive, it is going to be really really easy for you to replicate real-world scenes and also real-world landscape when you’re making your architectural visualization directly in lumion.


  • So still speaking about landscape, it’s now extremely easy to paint placements directly in lumion. It is also something else that reminds me of twin motion. Now you can go into lumion with some selected objects, and you can go ahead and paint with them so you can use the paint placement brush to sweep through. And create thousands of trees around your landscape. At the same time, you can also choose to delete them.
  • This feature, by default, is not available for all objects, but it is very much suitable for painting things like shrubs, plants, and all that stuff. So now, if you want to make things like a landscape, I guess this is something that you would love to work with. Now still speaking about the landscape, there is a brand new tool that you can now find in the utility section of twin motion, and it is called the landscape cutter.

Landscape Cutter:

  • Moreover, with the landscape cutter most times once you’re working with stuff like maybe you’re creating a landscape. It is quite easy for you to sculpt in your landscape into your building or probably get your building going pass through it. So with landscape cutter, you can now easily cut the landscape to size and reveal the amazing masterpiece that you have beneath it.

Other Features:

So let’s talk about some other new interesting features that a couple of people who cut novelty one some other people who find them as a must that should exist in any 3d app.

Photo Matching:

  • There is now a brand-new photo-matching feature that exists in lumion 10. And to me, this is really really impressive, especially if you’re creating something with a physical photo. Now you can choose and dictate to lumion where it exists is, and it automatically puts your image or your model directly there. And this is some very interesting things to see. I think one of the times that we got to see something like this was introduced to do max, but now it exists directly here in lumion.
  • So if you get to do a render like this, you can now take it over to Photoshop and do some very fine composition.

Material Customizing Control:

  • Other things that are quite nice that I think makes a lot of sense is the fact that you can now control your materials to a given point. So there is now a material customizing control. But how this works is this that you work with a material, and once you’re done working with this material, and you want to save it for later use, you can now go ahead and save it.
  • So if you’re working on a different project, you can reference that material and get it out.

Brantley’s Feature:

  • There’s also something else that is really really cool to see, and that has to do with the real sky at night and also the aurora borealis features. Although this Brantley’s feature is actually for pro users alone.
  • The fact that you can go in there and tweak this thing and make it look so cool and apply this to your render is really cool. I think these features come into lumion ten are very, very nice. I am just quite concerned about the render time and the fact that they didn’t really talk about performance.

Neural Network:

  • Another thing to note is if you’re going to work with lumion or you want to use lumion ten, you’d better have a beefy computer to work with this tool.
  • I mean, all of these things coming over to lumion is definitely going to be quite heavy. So remember one of those things I talked about the Nvidia, and we did talk about it and how you can customize this thing and how you can play with it. And automatically, it is going to calculate things with the neural network that exists and give you some Picasso style painting. Also, you can get some Kandinsky kind of painting or Minette kind of painting.
  • Now in lumion, you can literally get that same effect, so all you have to do is apply that effect, and you go ahead and render. Once you render, the lumion is going to render two different images, so there’s going to be one, although this is still an experimental feature.

Lumion 13 Pro Crack Activation Code Torrent [2023]

Medium System Requirements:

  • Minimum 10,000 PassMark points.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660, Quadro RTX 8000.
  • 6 GB+ graphics card memory.
  • DX Version: DirectX 11 compatible.
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Display: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • RAM: 16 GB or more
  • Storage: 30 GB of free SSD space

How To Crack?

  • First, you need to download the setup with crack.
  • After that, install the software like any other software installation wizard is self-explanatory.
  • Now use the crack you have.
  • After pasting the crack in the installation folder, you need to run the software to check if the program is activated.
  • Finally, Done. Enjoy the activation key.

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