FRSProductMgr 4.0.12 Crack + Torrent Free Download [Latest]

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FRSProductMgr Crack

FRSProductMgr 4.0.9 Crack + Torrent Free Download [Latest]


We can all assume that operating a store can be difficult, especially if you’re on your own and need to keep track of various things such as products, customers, orders, and other stuff. Fortunately, nowadays, there’s a wide range of dedicated software solutions that can help you simplify your store management activity by letting you organize some things directly from your computer. One of them is FRSProductMgr Crack.

It’s a useful app that can help you run your store more effectively. It’s letting you keep track of products, customers, and orders while also generating reports whenever needed. It uses the concept of a “store” (i.e., a brick-n-mortar or online retail store) and “products” carried by the store in its user interface. However, the application’s power allows it to be useful for various purposes, some having nothing at all to do with retail stores.

It has a design for the small business person who wants to manage his or her inventory. You can also track customer sales and, optionally, manage the company’s products on its website. FRSProductMgr can be useful to track almost any data, whether for commercial or private purposes, due to its flexibility.

FRSProductMgr Crack

Maintaining data is something a software application such as a spreadsheet or a database can do. FRSProductMgr excels at the ability to provide a very flexible display of that data, view that data via one or more filtered reports, and offer the option of creating web pages from that data. So, if you are used to using one of the popular office suite spreadsheets or database applications, you will marvel at how you can easily customize FRSProductMgr.

A “product” could also be an article you have written, which you wish to publish to your web site. So, if you intend to use FRSProductMgr as a collector of data that is not a “store” or “products,” mentally swap those words as you see them in this documentation or the application.

FRSProductMgr 4.0.9 Crack + Torrent Free Download [Latest]

The first time you start the application, and after reading the Welcome screen, you will see the Store Contact Info window, wherein you can enter your store’s information. Enter as much as desired. The store’s name will be shown in the application’s title bar, and it will be used as the name of the data file wherein your data will be stored. So, that is required, but anything else can be left blank. You can always go back and make changes using the menu command, including changes to your store’s name.


Create store profiles

Once you launch the application, you’ll be prompted to create a store profile where you can specify various details about your business. It is possible to create more than one profile if needed.

Among the data you can specify in the profile window, you can find the business’s name, the street it operates on, the city, state, zip code, country. You can also specify email, website, Facebook page, Twitter page, phone, fax numbers, a photograph, and even notes.


Use this data file to keep your journal.

Shopping List.fpm

Use this data file to keep track of your immediate and extended shopping list or future wish list.


Use this data file as a way of keeping track of your passwords. You may want to enable the password protection in FRSProductMgr (see the “Settings | Password…” menu command) to protect access to this data.

To-do List.fpm

Use this data file to keep track of your to-do list items for various projects.

Web Site Articles.fpm

Use this data file to hold information about a topic you would like to publish to your personal or business web site. It is excellent for how-to articles, a simulated blog, or general content supplemented with lots of photos.

Organize products, customer data, and orders

As stated above, FSProductMgr can help you unload the burden of remembering things regarding products, customers, and orders off your mind by letting you save it directly on your computer.

Creating new entries can be done by navigating to the category you’re interested in and clicking the big green cross button at the top of the screen. Adding a photo to your entry or duplicating, it can be done just as quickly.

Generate reports

In case you need a summary of your activity in a specific period, you can quickly retrieve it by navigating to the “Reports” section, hitting the green cross button, and following the on-screen instructions provided by the reports wizard.

Other Features

  • Track any data you want.
  • You can easily re-arrange, modify, add, or remove data columns, to fit your specific needs (see menu).
  • Keep any number of photos for products.
  • View your data via different reports.
  • Using HTML template files, you or your webmaster create, quickly generate web pages for your web site or Intranet.
  • Manage your store’s orders and employee data.
  • Any number of “stores” can be maintained. *
  • Can validate local file paths and external links used in your data.
  • If you have a web hosting server for your web site, you can, at your discretion, upload your data file to your server.
  • Thoroughly-documented functionality, viewable via the built-in Documentation Center.
  • The native 64-bit version is now available.
  • Six sample data files were included with the installation (see Intro tab above).

How to Activate?  

  • Download the FRSProductMgr Crack from the official site
  • Run the setup
  • Install the setup
  • When installation finishes, copy one of the above-given product keys
  • Paste the serial key in the activation key box
  • Done
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