Windows 10 Product Key Generator (UPDATED 2023)

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Windows 10 Product Key Generator

Windows 10 Product Key Generator (UPDATED 2020)


Windows 10 Product Key Generator is the working and the best keygens for Windows 10. It’ll give you a 100% working Product Keys for your Windows 10 activation process. A single Windows that runs across devices, phones, tablets, and even the organization’s Xbox One comfort. Windows 10 is tied in with fixing the chaos that Microsoft carved in Windows 8.

It’s one of the best arrivals of Microsoft, and it’s the best OS for gaming. We should Dive into certain progressions and increments to this new OS by Microsoft.


Virtual Desktops

With Windows 10 2004 version, you can rename the virtual desktops. You can click on the header to rename it or right-click on the desktop to get a renamed context menu.


Also, Microsoft has changed Cortana a ton with its Windows 10 2004 update. You would now be able to move and resize the Cortana interface. Now it has a chat-based interface. However, there is a considerable disadvantage to Cortana now can’t control the music, smart home control, and other outsider applications. However, beneficial abilities, for example, opening or sending an email setting an update are improved. Now you can even join as well as set up a meeting through Cortana tablet mode.

Tablet Mode

The tablet mode has a new design. It is now more touch-friendly. Microsoft has increased the spacing between the icons in the taskbar.


The search box is changed over into the symbol at whatever point you contact any content field; the keyboard will automatically show up.

Task Manager

The task manager is now updated to show full device info. You can check the constant GPU temperature. On the off chance that you have different hard drives, the task manager now shows HDD or SSD in the subtleties tab. You would now be able to see the feedback option.

Update And Recovery Settings

If you have a limited data network, you can restrict the bandwidth for downloading the update with the Windows 10 spring update, not in just rate; however, you can enter the bandwidth in numbers.

The recovery option additionally gets a noteworthy change. Prior, when you needed to recover the PC, you needed to download the ISO or make a bootable USB; now you can reinstall or fix the windows from the cloud.


Notepad is a convenient application in Windows 10 yet doesn’t get a lot of consideration with the updates. Be that as it may, with Windows 10 to 2004 update, they have improved it a tad. Now it’s available on the Microsoft Store with the goal that it will get new updates.

Now you will see the line number and segment on the off chance that you empower the word wrap. If you select content and press the Ctrl + F button, the chose message consequently shows up in the fine box. I wish that they would incorporate the word counter in the notepad.

Snip And Sketch

Microsoft is removing the snipping tool and giving full charge to snip and sketch. It’s improved and is now available in a single-window mode.

Lock Screen

In the recent version of Windows 10, you have to enter the password while signing in the safe mode. Yet, with the Windows 10 2004 update, they are giving the alternative to enter the pin for the safe mode. Likewise, this permits you to disable the password entirely from windows 10.

Now when you update the profile picture, it gets updated on all devices more rapidly.

Mouse Cursor Speed

Now mouse pointer speed is available in the settings. Earlier it was in the control panel.

Language Settings

The new language setting is improved to make it easier to understand. Now you give an overview of Windows display apps and regional website format, keyboard, and Speech languages.

Microsoft Defender

In the new update, Microsoft is renaming its security item. Prior it was Windows Defender, and now it is renamed as Microsoft Defender; it might be because Microsoft wants to release it on every platform.


The troubleshooter window now doesn’t contain the rundown of Troubleshooters that you can apply for fixing Windows 10. It is now accessible on extra Troubleshooters.

Optional Features

With Windows 10 variant 2004, you will get updated optional features. Now you can undoubtedly include numerous optional features simultaneously.

Windows Search Improvement

Windows search has now gotten more intelligent. It can recognize and address the little grammatical errors in search questions, which already proved unable. It will show better proposals now when you type something on the search bar.

Changes In Settings

With this new update, Microsoft has rolled out a couple of improvements in the settings. Window, the header is updated with another message get considerably more out of windows. It contains alternatives to set OneDrive to connect your smartphone and capable course of events, and there are many more.

Text Cursor Settings

Microsoft consistently plans something to improve its straightforward entry in each update. This time they have incorporated the choice to increment and include custom shading text cursors.


The narrator is also updated with another set to change how promoted content is perused; the options are don’t declare increment pitch and state top. There is a trial that includes having the narrator more proficient and standpoint. You’ll see the option to get more portrayals of page titles and mainstream links. With this feature turned on, you will get data about pictures and URLs.

By utilizing the narrator key, which is usually the capslock button + Ctrl + D button, you can use the narrator key + s button to get the rundown of well-known links for a page.

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Windows 10 Product Key Generator (UPDATED 2020)

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