VPN Unlimited Full Crack + Serial Key Free Download

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VPN Unlimited Crack

VPN Unlimited Full Crack + Serial Key Free Download


VPN Unlimited Crack is a lightweight and efficient piece of software meant to assist you in protecting the personal information you may be dispersing when browsing the internet, by tunneling and encrypting your traffic through several worldwide servers.

It is an intuitive and useful utility whose primary purpose is to help you protect your online privacy by conducting all Internet activities through a Virtual Private Network, enabling you to bypass certain IP-related restrictions.

VPN Unlimited supports five devices on a standard subscription, but it’s a little more complicated than usual. While other providers typically support five connections from any combination of devices, VPN Unlimited has five ‘slots’ allocated to particular devices or browser extensions. A Windows client & Chrome extension on the same system will fill two slots as you connect them.

Once those slots are filled, you won’t connect with any new devices until you log in to the website & delete one of the old devices. If users run out of free devices or replace several, they can only delete one active device a week, potentially a significant hassle.

VPN Unlimited Full Crack + Serial Key Free Download


Create an account or log in

During the installation process, you’re required to create an account (with your email address & a preferred password) or log in using your credentials, if you already have one.

Users can then select the server they wish to start with from the provided list, allowing them to choose from several available options, such as ‘Netherlands, Amsterdam,’ ‘United Kingdom, Hampshire,’ ‘France, Paris’, or any other ‘Optimal Server For You.’

After finishing the setup, users can click ‘Start,’ and VPN Unlimited will begin tunneling your web activity through the selected server, optionally running at Windows startup, for an increased level of protection.


A good VPN doesn’t just give us a new virtual location; it ensures that our identity is sufficiently undetectable that it gets us access to all kinds of geo-blocked content.

To get a feel for a VPN’s unblocking features, we connect to its UK & US servers, then check to see whether BBC iPlayer, US YouTube, US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, & Disney+ will allow us access to their content.

The VPN Unlimited apps simplify server selection by highlighting recommended iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, & other locations on their regular server lists. That’s far more convenient than an average VPN, where you might have ten or more US servers to choose from, but be left to try them, one after the other, until you find which (if any) works with your preferred content provider.


VPN will provider understand that potential customers are curious about their logging policies. Most try to make this immediately apparent on the website, leaving phrases like ‘Zero Logging!’ prominently displayed in reassuringly large fonts.

The VPN Unlimited website doesn’t make any effort to highlight its logging procedures, and its front page doesn’t mention the issue at all.

The privacy policy will give a general description of personal data collected when you visit the website or use KeepSolid’s applications. These include IPs; device name, code, manufacturer & language; time zone, connection time, and Wi-Fi network name; and the total amount of traffic for each session, along with session dates.


VPN Unlimited protects privacy by using only the most robust VPN protocols. By default, it means OpenVPN, which is the standard protocol on both mobile & desktop apps. It uses AES-256 encryption for industry-standard security. And if it doesn’t suit users’ needs for some reason, no problem: IKEv2 is available with most clients as a capable fall-back protocol.

The apps also offer KeepSolid’s Wise technology. It takes the core OpenVPN protocol, scrambles and obfuscates it a little, & maybe routes it a little differently to a regular connection. Also, it might cut speeds a little; it could help users bypass VPN detection and blocking systems useful in countries like China, allowing them to connect from almost anywhere.

There’s more good news in the program’s ability to automatically connect to the VPN whenever you access an untrusted network, ensuring you’re always protected.

The Windows & Mac apps also benefit from a kill switch to block your internet if the VPN drops. Also, the Windows kill switch doesn’t work precisely as it should, but we’ll talk more about that later.

The Windows client does not have any ‘DNS leak’ settings, either, but these didn’t seem to be necessary anyway. I ran checks at IPLeak, DNS Leak Test, DoILeak, and others, and found no sign of DNS, WebRTC, or other data leaks.

Choose your VPN server.

The main window of the software displays your current status and the email address you use in creating your account, allowing you to ‘Logout’ with a single click or change the password. The ‘Account Management’ function enables you to have the app request your password every time you launch it, for added security.

At the same time, this app lists the currently ‘Active Server’ & lets you choose another one, if you need to, with the ‘Select Server’ feature. The ‘Show Statistic’ button helps you list for how long you’ve used the tool, the exact days, and the amount of traffic.

When closed, it retreats to the system tray, continuing to perform its task, yet not interfering with your regular activities. By right-clicking on its icon, you can disconnect from the server or change it.

How to Crack or Install or Activate?

  • Firstly, download VPN Unlimited Crack¬†from the given link.
  • Please turn off the virus guard.
  • Then install this software.
  • After this, extract the RAR file here and run the setup.
  • Then click on the crack button & close it from everywhere.
  • After this, open the crack, copy it, and then paste it into the installation folder.
  • Activate this software or program.
  • All done.
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