Rise of the Tomb Raider Crack + 2023 PC Game

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Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Version

Rise of the Tomb Raider Crack + 2023 PC Game

Hi everyone, today, we’ll talk Rise of the Tomb Raider Championship Shattered Chien Edition or, as ordinary people like to call it, the PC version. It is all the same stuff, including Lara’s extreme jumping, leaping, falling, sprawling, and yes, sometimes balling action of the Xbox one version but with the added benefit of an entire city’s unlimited power.

If, of course, you have the gold coins and space in your PC case for it. Middle-earth archaeological dig sites, choking someone with a bow because obviously shooting them is stupid, and understandable as Jill the Ripper pretending to be an explorer named Lara.


As always, graphics are up first. When Rise of the Tomb Raider came to the Xbox one, it was a push/pull of expectations in reality with 30 frames per second target and a more power-friendly expectation of a good looking game that ran well.

Here on the PC, unless you’re unlike the low setting, you can crank this up, and you’re going to see one of the wildest most effects Laden graphics packages you’ve seen in a good long while. And an additional reminder is why so many fans were excited by both its original release and this next port.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Crack + 2023 PC Game

To say, at times, this looks fantastic is a complete understatement. Fire licks up the faces of enemies as you send them. Please burn in hell’ packages from afar explosions rocket projectiles into the air like reverse fireworks. And pretty much everything within the game is coated with a subtle sheen of post-processing effects, depth-of-field shenanigans, and so many layers of dust, debris, fog, steam, blood, and mud that it looks like the movie Gladiator.


It looks fantastic. And one of the standouts has to be the world itself. First, of course, a little bit about the destruction made with all the structural integrity of like Donald Trump’s tenuous hold on reality mixed with a little bit of that chip dust at the bottom of a Doritos bag.

The world’s destruction is both hilariously delightful to watch and also absolutely enjoyable to take part in or to take apart. As you explore, the world’s entire structures disintegrate around you, throwing up massive clouds of debris and materials stone and mortar choke the air with every explosion or gunshot. And frankly, the world Falls the hell apart at every turn. It’s glorious, and it’s just next-level interaction.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Crack + 2023 PC Game

Moreover, it’s not up to the Uncharted series levels when it comes to those bombastic elements that that game is so known for. The actual level of design majesty and artistry of the world in the Rise is phenomenal to behold.

Whether you’re investigating a frozen galleon stuck to the side of an iceberg or diving into the cool River near the Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s rendition of middle-earth, or even sitting back looking at the sun-baked remnants of an ancient city, tomb Raider’s design is just amazing I mean it.

Dropping into the lower canyons and walking through the choking fogs of the steaming water pools was just a sight to behold, and it’s one of many.


Now talking about animation for a second. It’s the same as the Xbox one version, meaning it’s stupendous. And in the end, the world and the character spend most of the game feeling integrated physically, which can’t be said for many titles where enemies seemed to jettison whole connection to their worlds upon death.

You know, throat and someone with a compound bow never get old, and it doesn’t hear in the game either flip in his body ass over teakettle past his friends or choking someone and letting their comatose body slip from the edge of a massive water tower. It gives you a compelling visual impression of being in control and connected.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Crack + 2023 PC Game

I love the animation in this game. Interestingly enough, while Lara comes to fruition as an adventure as the game continues, her animation, though surprising, still tells a uniquely clumsy story. And by the time you’re done watching the credits sometimes, it can feel like you just got done watching The Naked Gun with character rolling, falling, missing, crashing, and bumbling their way to victory, nothing but a case of rickets and two weeks worth of enjoyment.

I wish there were a bit more control visualized in our acrobatics at times, especially as this is the more confident character in a sequel.


Unfortunately, not all is right in the land of the lost Lara edition. This thing is unoptimized at best on an i7 5820k at 4.4 and a GTX 980. This thing gave me anywhere from 60 frames a second to 30 frames a second during gameplay at 1080p settings on very high unacceptable frame rate for what’s going on.

Without warning, it would lose a third or more of its frames, especially in snowy weather. And the only way to get it stable at 60 frames per second was to set the settings down to medium or even lower.

It wasn’t enjoyable. I’ve had better luck guessing lots of numbers than understand what was going on in this game. It took me a long time to sort of look at what was impacting those rates. So I figured what that’s the high power computer.

Let’s get a slightly lower one and see what happens. It’s the same CPU but a GTX 680. The less said, the better about the frame rates. I have played with the settings indicated that the draw distance was the most significant factor, especially in those snowy areas and looking out over long distances. And, of course, HBAO+ shadows and level detail were the largest obligatory offenders.

But make no mistake. It’s not running on all cylinders in any way, shape, or form. And this has a patch and ready to go for a release. As a package, I would say it’s playable, but to get even a locked 30 frames per second might find the hardware demands higher than you initially expected.


And the Sound is up first. It is the same overall phenomenal soundscape as the original. With cavernous echoing caves, deep dark mines, and the wind whipping across the top of mountain passes, all perfectly replicated.

That also means the guns continued to be completely anemic, with the automatic rifle sounding more like a muffled popcorn popper than any firearm. Don’t even get me started on these supposedly powerful handguns. I do more damage yelling 1980s rock band names and enemies than these things sound like they would do.

It’s disappointing that this hasn’t been shored up in the meantime, especially since that Xbox one release was a while ago. Though it is always the shotgun sort of continues to the light with a reasonably heady low in, let’s be honest, that’s probably just because it sounds ok against the other weapons, which sound horrid.


The same excellence of Phil McGowan continues here a discreet and depth II affair with the orchestra. He nailed it with this game. It’s epic sure, but there’s also the subtle vibe that crops up at times while adventuring. And whether it’s an ambient piano or the mad skin section, he has a railing around Renier in a gun battle.

Locations are tied with their scores well though, as I said with the Xbox one version, transitions are sometimes odd, resulting in one hilarious moment where the stick in front of me was apparently about to do something frigging amazing.

At least the music thought it was going to altogether. Though I love the soundtrack with special kudos to some of those songs that layer during the challenge tombs, which were straight-up Airy woodwind, that’s always just been one of my favorite instruments to go with exploratory gameplay.


Camilla Ludington has grown on me as Miss Croft. I wasn’t a massive fan of her work in the past game. There are times, especially in some amazingly well-paced and crafted cutscenes, where I forgot I was watching a game. And the characters interacted via camera to the viewer just like a TV show or a movie versus that almost invisible but still their filter of knowing it’s a game.

She handles the character with a deft and grace that I enjoyed. Now, this helps with violent situations. You have Lara and some of the characters yelling at one another during a heated gun battle. And it’s not that typical witty banter expected in games where most main characters pretend they walk around with guts.

Instead, it’s a bit more grounded than that Earl Bale on rocks. As always on the bad guys’ side, Jonah is led by the inferno to do the Wonder Twins of crazy ideas. It’s influenced by the character actor who’s playing Constantine who’s voice actor does his best to channel Clancy Brown, who played the kurgan and Highlander. I thought it was him for a while.

As a package, all the voices are excellent in the surrounding cast does nothing but elevate the already increased professionalism and prowess that I think Camilla has as the lead character now in this sequel.

Gameplay Of The Rise of The Tomb Raider:

Listen, it’s Tomb Raider, so you’re probably going to be Tomb Raider, and when you’re not doing that, you’re probably going to be killing stuff. As you progress in the story and explore, you find campfires which become bases you can use to fast travel to any other campfires you found; we’re not hanging out making s’ mores Lara’s exploring mysteries vast and taken in the main quest.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Crack + 2023 PC Game


Miss Croft has seen some things at the end of the last Tomb Raider game. She saw something that has her questioning everything, and she has decided to track down the answers to these mysteries. At the same time, she tries to fend off the increasingly hilarious attacks of the evil maniacal group known as Trinity.

By hilarious, I mean, they seem to have realized that you can’t have all the bullets, so they seem to have an unlimited number of foot soldiers to be sent skipping into rifle fire briskly.

During all this, Lara travels to mysterious places but spends most of her time doing one of two things. One is altering national Geographics future documentary plans by single-handedly shattering, smashing, slicing, dicing, crushing, collapsing, and burning down all ancient architecture she comes into contact with.

And two are trying to see if it’s possible for one human to effectively wipe out an entire continent’s animal life like a damn t1 asteroid impact.

Control & Input:

When it comes to exploring control, it is spot-on in the hesitation and input lag that bothered some people with the Xbox one version is much closer to the Xbox 360s version here. Though the sadly unoptimized framerate can indeed put you into fits from time to time, especially when attempting quick turns and jumps while the earth crumbles around you.


Combat is still entertaining, and though it’s not as deep as some action games. For a pseudo-open-world game, it fits perfectly, and there’s organic chemistry between the level design enemy AI. And combat allows you to move quickly but not easily from engagement to engagement, and a smart player can usually use flexibility and weapons. Also, you have secondary weapon functionalities to get through most battles without an insane amount of difficulty.

AI is acceptable to excellent, depending on the makeup of the level and the difficulty you’ve chosen. And though their tactics are pretty much solidly flank and shoot point-blank, their use of additional items like grenades and other flushing weapons will remind you just how much you, in turn, need to use them as well.

What’s so special here, though, is that layered pacing out of enemy interactions. It allows for the Rise of The Tomb Raider to carry momentum with it that is wonderful, and even when you step off the beaten path to explore getting back on board, the main story feels like it’s the most natural thing ever to do. And that there’s almost no time loss, it’s a unique feeling in this title.

Uncover Mysteries & Collect Items:

While exploring, Lara uncovers mysteries continually via audio tapes because, as we know, they existed thousands of years ago. They are pretty cool, and different ones tell different stories about various historical situations and game events.

She also collects loot, and as any absolute person would do, she sells it to a guy to buy guns and other upgrades in the Siberian black market. But by doing all this and exploring these places, these are locations and worlds worth investigating secret coves, twisting caverns, and almost labyrinths like layers of ancient history await you as you play.

And though I enjoyed the main story, it was the exploration of the world in the open-world light style gameplay here that offered me the majority of my enjoyment.

Killing critters supplies her with all manner of created items and craftable goodies, which she can make whenever she returns to camp quiver straps pouches, you name it. If she can build it, someone from the Bambi cartoon will end up biting the dust.


At the campfires, she can also level up, and sometimes she ruminates on the current ridiculousness of the situation that she’s found herself in. Leveling sees you placing points into various skill trees, of which there are three. And they raise skills like soaking damage, grading items, or making special moves. Also, they have some little, I think, somewhat ridiculous requirements for going up in other sections where you have to spend a certain amount in one tree to get another tree then; it’s weird.

It’s all reasonably bog-standard, though, and one thing I did like is regardless of my desire to see some of those restrictions go away. The impact of those skills that you purchase feels pretty dramatically right away. It’s here where you also realize the curve of gameplay and leveling up is almost perfect. And though I am still not a fan of the presentation of the level system, which seems oddly disconnected from the reality-based aspects of the other parts of the game.

It’s profound, and players can explore some different paths when you think about it. There’s just a little bit more maturity in this title than there was in the past 1. While the previous game was a crucible of character and an exploratory telling of just how much violence you can throw at a character before they start speaking in tongues.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider is more old style. It never hesitates to throw a hellacious amount to action your way in the guise of everything from pissed-off mama bears to legions of wolves to ripoff Nazis. In the end, it’s still about tomb spelunking for particular spoils, and that’s where Rise of the Tomb Raider shines.

Fun Factor:

I’m going, being honest. It’s still a damn blast but one that is now really questionably flawed from a technical standpoint. Within a couple of minutes of the plane, I was once again cackling to myself as Lara proceeds to enter a location and then kick everything inside this ancient location like she has a vendetta against pottery.

Even so, as you’re exploring and seeing these amazing sights, you’re also engaged in a pretty good story backed up by actors that have a bit more subtlety than the prior title. And whether you’re going on side missions for random NPCs or leveling up or taking on the main mission.

I was always interested in where it was going despite having already played it all the way through on the console, but the performance it’s abysmal. There’s no guarantee that people will be able to run this at a good framerate with the effects they want unless they have a compelling system.

Its optimization is just not well. And after talking to somebody else who has it, they can see the same thing it suffers tremendously for it. A variable framerate is the devil when you think about it. And going from 60 to 35 was punishing on both control and my eyes. It certainly seems patchable.

System Requirement Of The Rise Of The Tomb Raider:

Official Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 64bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB or AMD HD7770 2GB
  • DirectX Version: Version 11
  • HDD Storage: 25 GB available space
Official Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 10 64 bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 980Ti 2560×1440 or NVIDIA GTX 970 1920×1080
  • DirectX Version: Version 11
  • HDD Storage: 25 GB available space

How to Download and Install Rise Of The Tomb Raider?

  • First, download the game.
  • After that, install the game.
  • Now use paste the crack files into the game folder.
  • Finally, Done. Enjoy the game.
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