PC Cleaner Platinum V9.0.0.11 Crack + kEYGEN [Latest Version]

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PC Cleaner Platinum Crack

PC Cleaner Platinum Crack + kEYGEN [Latest Version]


PC Cleaner Platinum Crack is a program that improves your computer’s performance by removing garbage or duplicate files. It can also protect your privacy by deleting web cookies, Internet history, or document history. The application is straightforward to utilize because of its composed interface. The main window displays three accessible features. The main feature, ‘System Cleaner and Optimizer,’ keeps your computer clean and error-free by removing garbage and out of date files.

You can select the driver or the folders that you need to scan, or you can set the program to avoid read just files, just as to find zero-length files and invalid shortcuts. This app allows you to directly delete them, move them to Recycle Bin and send them to a specific folder.

The second function, ‘Find Duplicate Files’, frees up disk space by deleting the duplicate files stored on your computer. This function gives you the likelihood to set the search criteria. The tool can be set to utilize binary file compare or ignore the fundamental system file types such as DLL, EXE, and SYS. Once the scan is over, you can view the duplicate files and delete the ones you select.

The third main feature, ‘Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser,’ encourages you to protect your privacy. It contains a privacy protector wizard that assists you in cleaning your history. It deletes the Windows, the Internet, the Start Menu, and the files and folders traces.

This application may come in helpful when your computer’s performance is getting low, when you have loads of duplicate files on your computer, and you need to delete them effectively, or when you’re willing to clean up file history. Nonetheless, I think that this tool misses a registry cleaning option.

PC Cleaner Platinum Crack

It is the Easiest and ground-breaking software. It removes Malware, Adware, Viruses, Spyware, and Privacy Traces instantly. Also, this application is quick that is intuitive and easy-to-utilize; even beginners will probably be simple to utilize it. It has a brand new cleaning functionality. PC Cleaner Pro License Key also engages you to make your computer run quicker by optimizing registry and boosting speed. Also, removing unwanted applications alongside other unusable files.

PC Cleaner Platinum Crack + kEYGEN [Latest Version]

Moreover, you can increase your system performance by excluding these files. Malware can take your data and, without a doubt, will cause harm to your computer. This anti-malware can scan and eradicate malware on your PC quickly. Also, this app is created to protect user’s privacy by cleaning up the entirety of their undesirable history data on their computers. The PC Optimizer works by adjusting your computer settings to increase internet speed that is surfing. It can also improve downloads of files such as music, movies, games, and images.

Also, it gives a free method to get your computer’s complete analysis. Securely scan your system for problems in the registry and incorrect data, find malware, and increase your PC’s security. Further, It can determine and fix these difficulties to have their ground-breaking free trial software, root out undesirable malware, and clean your history of delicate information. You’ll have an improved and clean system through one useful asset before you know it. What’s more, you’ll save your computer from the day by day clutter by unleashing all its capacity.


Registry Cleanup:

PC Cleaner Pro will delete old and unused records, including file extensions, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, ActiveX controls, shared DLLs, text styles, help files, icons, invalid shortcuts, application paths, uninstallers, etc.

Improve PC performance:

It provides the fastest method to resolve system settings at once is to improve the PC. PC Cleaner Pro examines your system and regulates the full capability of the computer.

Increase speed:

It supports the speed of cleaning the computer will adjust the entire system to help improve the speed of the system and the overall performance of the PC. You can download, upload, browse the web, and more quickly.

Certified Virus + Spyware Protection:

Certified Antivirus Professional scans all over your PC for malicious threats, including viruses, spyware. All installed Rogue applications on your computer, trojans, adware, worms, parasites, rootkits, dialers, and other possibly undesirable programs.

Security Defense:

In Windows, it scans and checks for Windows vulnerabilities. Windows Update is Microsoft’s service. Also, Security updates or major updates in malware and security vulnerabilities defend against vulnerabilities.

Cleaning the system:

You’ll accumulate system clutter each day when using your computer. By deleting those files, you can significantly increase your PC’s performance and security.

Protection of privacy:

The PC Cleaner is intended to protect you by cleaning up any undesirable old data on your computer that may also risk your personality.

Internet Optimizer:

This software adjusts your internet connection automatically to add super-quick web browsing, quicker downloads, including music, movies, games, and downloads of video.

System Optimizer:

PC Cleaner Pro is the quickest method to adjust all system settings simultaneously. How you work is to specify the type of PC you have and the installed applications. The system settings will then be customized to enable your machine to run at maximum potential.

Other Features

  • Remove the break’s alternate route.
  • Hold your PC clean and robust consistently.
  • Delete every single undesirable file.
  • Fix every one of your problems with only one click.
  • Remove from your PC’s malicious files.
  • It’s great to clean your system.
  • Clean your registry and upgrade it by removing garbage files and other things.
  • To shield the privacy, remove privacy & temporary files.
  • To guarantee that your PC is actively protected, check your security settings.
  • Access your system to download your computer status cleanup and free assessment.
  • To streamline performance, adjust different systems and windows.
  • A clear interface and comfortable to utilize, remove any difficulties on your PC quickly and without any problem.
  • You clean your PCs quickly and efficiently, making them all around great products.
  • Removing all fallacious link cleanup tools removes broken links to bookmarked sites.
  • Free up memory and increase performance, remove unnecessary applications from Windows boot.

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