Metasploit Pro 4.21.1 Crack & Keygen 2023 [Latest]

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Metasploit Pro Crack

Metasploit Pro 4.21.1 Crack & Keygen 2023 [Latest]


Metasploit Pro Crack is a straightforward and complete penetration testing solution specially designed for users who need to reduce a data breach risk. It helps them simulate attacks on their network in a secure environment, validate vulnerabilities, check the security controls and mitigation efforts, and manage and organize phishing exposure.

Also, it is designed to provide users with a full-featured development platform dedicated to exploiting testing. Simply put, it’ll provide developers everywhere with a free but powerful way to test computer systems, networks, or web applications to detect potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

The framework functions publicly available exploits & comes in handy to network security administrators that need to perform penetration tests and check patch installations. Moreover, it can identify false-positive threats and exploitable vulnerabilities, perform automatic vulnerability analysis, prioritize tasks, and perform real-time pen-testing.

Metasploit Pro Crack

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the platform relies on penetration testing & includes many specific testing strategies. Therefore, users can execute tests to determine the security of the external visible servers and devices, including the firewall, DNS, and email servers.

Metasploit Pro 4.21.1 Crack & Keygen 2023 [Latest]

Alternatively, you can verify a security system’s reliability by performing a blind test where you simulate an attack via the known strategies and have severely limited information at your disposal. Also, the latter can be useful if users want to implement rapid response procedures or incident identification. Users let a few people from the organization know about the test and check for potential signs.


An intuitive & streamlined web-based UI

Once the installation process is finished, it will open a new window into users default web browser from where they can eliminate false positives from third-party vulnerability scanners & conduct penetration tests through a simple interface.

User-friendly wizards are even available that guide you throughout the entire process of auditing web applications or exploiting vulnerabilities effortlessly.

Conduct penetration tests

By accessing the ‘Quick PenTest’ option, you can configure a test that automatically gathers all the necessary info concerning the target network, launches attacks against the targets, & builds a full-detailed report for further analysis.

After specifying the project name & the target addresses, you can easily navigate through tabs such as ‘Configure Scan,’ ‘Run Exploits,’ and ‘Generate Report’ to set up all the options according to your needs. Also, the app will immediately verify which vulnerabilities really put your data at risk & quickly prioritize all the high-risk threats that need your attention.

Password auditing

What’s more, it enables you to inspect your network for weak passwords and identify previous employees’ active accounts. In this manner, you can change passwords and tweak policy and modify, collect, and replay credentials.

Considering the most password auditors available on the market, you are limited to cracking Windows passwords offline. However, with this program’s help, you can preview all the weak passwords and test them over various network services such as SSH, VNC, & Telnet.

A practical penetration testing solution

Additionally, it gives you a better overview of all the vulnerabilities and allows you to simulate attacks on your network safely. This way, you can quickly reduce the risk of a data breach by auditing web applications and testing your users’ security awareness.

Other Features

Prevent data breaches:

  • Identify crucial vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach, so users know what to patch first
  • Also, reduce the effort need for penetration testing, enabling users to test more systems more frequently
  • Discover weak security models caused by shared credentials that are vulnerable to brute-forcing and harvesting
  • Locate exposed, sensitive info with automated post-exploitation file system searches

Prioritize vulnerabilities:

  • Import vulnerability management details from more than a dozen third-party applications and verifies their findings to eliminate false positives
  • Also, combine with your in-house Nexpose infrastructure to kick off new scans & access real-time vulnerability findings (needs Nexpose)
  • Focus on remediating significant vulnerabilities to reduce exposure & reduce mitigation costs
  • Prove exploitability to app owners to expedite remediation

Verify controls and mitigation efforts:

  • Re-run exploits after reduction to verify its effectiveness in preventing a data breach
  • Enable the IT operations team or the client to ascertain whether controls & mitigations were successful by delivering them a replay script that re-traces the steps users took to exploit the vulnerability
  • Moreover, Draw on the Nexpose vulnerability database to show up ways to remediate vulnerabilities

Conduct efficient penetration tests:

  • While penetration tests are generally acquired as a great way to prevent data breaches, they’re so costly that many companies can only afford to spot check a few hosts. This app drastically reduces cost by automating penetration testing workflows, enabling team collaboration, & simplifying custom reporting. As a result, it’ll become feasible to increase penetration tests’ scope and frequency to better protect against data breaches.
  • Automate the penetration testing workflow steps to increase efficiency, enabling users to test more systems more frequently.
  • Test the security of the network devices, desktops, & servers, including databases & Web applications.
  • Measure your users’ security awareness with password audits & social engineering campaigns
  • Simulate realistic attacks with the world’s largest database of quality-assured exploits
  • Create automated reports to inform stakeholders
  • Quickly document compost extensive with PCI DSS and FISMA reports that map findings to controls & requirements
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance by protecting ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) from “reasonably anticipated threats and hazards.”
  • Contribute to Sarbanes Oxley compliance by protecting the mandated controls and procedures
  • Leverage team members’ specialties and consolidate reports through team collaboration

System Requirements

  • CPU: 2 GHz+ processor
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM available (4 GB recommended)
  • HDD Space: 500MB+ available disk space

How to Crack?

  • First of all, download Metasploit Pro Crack from the given link.
  • Turn off the virus guard.
  • Install this software as usual.
  • Extract the RAR file here and run it.
  • After this, click on the crack button and then close it.
  • Open the Crack, copy the Crack, then and paste it into the installation folder.
  • After this, activate this software.
  • All done.
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