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Free Drawing Software


Free Drawing Software is a computer program utilized for creating drawing with the assistance of a keyboard, mouse, and inbuilt tools like digital pens, markers, and paintbrushes. It provides broad variations in drawing tools like stroke size, shapes, brightness, etc., and customizable color palettes. It allows users to create vectors, illustrations, charts, graphs, diagrams, images, etc.from scratch. Also, it can help users in exporting completed drawings and editing them.

There are three different types of drawing software, and each one of them is designed to accomplish a particular arrangement of relevant functions, such as drawing sketches, manipulating photographs, and creating graphics from scratch. In this way, knowing these three types of drawing software becomes necessary before you choose the one to accomplish your objectives.


Capacity to Import and Export Different File Types

The drawing software you choose ought to be able to import and export different file types you require to accomplish your objectives. If your client needs the complete Design for the kind of a JPEG file, your software should support that file extension.

Includes Templates Sufficing Your Business Needs

The drawing software ought to include essential drawing tools which help you in creating the type of Design your business requires. For instance, if you are looking forward to creating a story plan, yet the drawing software doesn’t include templates relevant to floor plans, then it is of no utilization to you.

Auto Shapes Available

The drawing software you choose ought to allow you to draw shapes like arrows, call-outs, stars, pennants, flow charts, landscape images, and signs of different kinds with a click of a mouse. Moreover, it ought to be easier for you to fill colors, textures, and flip and rotate those auto shapes effectively, enabling you to make your activity quick and easy.

Paint Tools

The paint tools can help you in adding an appealing look to your designs. You can add special effects like shadows, textures, gradients, and 3D effects using paint tools. Moreover, you can edit, modify, and repair digital photographs using paint tools. Hence, you have to ensure that your drawing software includes paint tools.

Filling Colors and Effects

Your drawing software ought to allow you to fill the colors and effects of your choice. It ought to include a wide variety of examples with the goal that you can add realistic effects to your designs. Moreover, it ought to allow you to change the color of auto shapes, lines, backgrounds, images, etc., enabling you to fill in according to your specifications.

Clip Arts and Symbols

If your presentation requests to add clip expressions and images, your drawing software ought to include the library of clip expressions and images you require to utilize frequently. It will assist you in making your drawings creative, presentable, and successful in conveying the thought you need to.

Accurate Dimensioning

The drawing software you choose ought to include dimensioning tools which help you in viewing the actual size of any object, shape, or line. Considerably after resizing any Object, it ought to automatically update the dimension, which can help you in working with precision and achieving accuracy in your projects.

Incorporate Sounds and Notes

Many drawing software can provide incorporating sounds and notes within the presentations. Along these lines, if your business presentations require including tones and notes, search for the drawing software which has this feature.


The drawing software you select ought to allow you to include layers in a single document. It will help you in designing different aspects of your Design individually, without disturbing the entire Design.

Sketch and Trace

There are many drawing software accessible, yet at the same time, some specialists rely on sketching to represent their thought. The drawing software you select ought to allow tracing the handmade sketches and make further improvements to facilitate your activity.

Supports Printers

After the completion of the Design or presentation, you may require to print on the paper. The drawing software you select should support different types of printers allowing you to print on paper of any size.

Free Drawing Software


Free Drawing Software

Inkscape is an incredible design tool perfect for illustrators and designers wanting to create vector images. It includes versatile drawing tools and supports a few file formats. It also has powerful text tools and allows bezier and spiro curves in the vector drawings. As it is a free and open-source drawing tool, you can customize it according to your requirements without significant investment.

  • Includes pencil tool, pen tool, calligraphy tool, shape tool, and text tool
  • Allows embedding bitmaps
  • Can control images and objects
  • Allows layering of different elements in a drawing
  • Also, it allows filling colors and examples in the objects, and shapes.
  • Allows objects rendering
  • Compatible with different file formats like PDF, PNG, EPS, etc.


Free Drawing Software

GIMP is a free image editor that can work with GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows, and similar operating systems. As it is open-source software, you can change its source code and appropriate it. It is a cross-platform drawing software suitable for graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and even scientists. It can also include outsider plugins to provide versatile functionality.

  • Includes tools for high-quality image control
  • Allows specialists to transform images into exceptional creations
  • Allows creating icons, graphical elements, user interface elements, and mockups
  • Supports multiple programming languages like C, C++, Perl, Python, Scheme, etc
  • Includes first-rate color management features ensuring high-loyalty color reproduction



KolourPaint is an easy-to-utilize and simple painting program used to create raster images quickly. It is similar to Microsoft Paint, yet additionally, it can support transparency, color balance, and image pivot. It is designed for painting diagrams, image control, screenshots, and photograph editing, applying effects to images, drawing clipart, and logos with transparency.

  • Supports 500 degrees of fix/redo support
  • Allows transparent image editing
  • Includes fix and redoable selection commands.
  • Includes versatile effects and arbitrary revolution edges
  • Facilitates “color similarity.”



Pinta is an open-source drawing tool that also allows image editing. Also, it facilitates users to draw and control images using Linux, Mac, Windows, and *BSD platforms. It is simple to utilize and includes drawing tools, image filters, and color adjustment tools. Also, it was created, keeping ease of use in mind, which can be found in the few main features of the program.

  • Includes drawing tools helping to draw freehand, rectangles, ellipses, lines, etc.
  • Includes 35 adjustments and effects for enhancing your images
  • Also, it supports 55 different languages.
  • Can track your full history and allows fix at anytime
  • Allows layering to separate and group elements of your image
  • Allows customizing your workspace enabling you to work how you need to

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