Edius Pro Crack + Serial KEY Download [2023]

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Edius Pro Crack + Serial KEY Download [2023]


Working in the video editing business can be challenging, especially if you do not have any reliable software solution that can simplify your task. However, nowadays, it’s possible to choose from a broad range of applications that can help you create high-quality projects. One of the apps mentioned above is EDIUS 9 Crack.

Please be aware that this software cannot run on your PC as intended unless you provide it with QuickTime and an EDIUS ID.

Highlights of EDIUS 9 Crack

Edius Pro Crack + Serial KEY Download [2023]

Simple setup

Deploying this application on your PC, you can achieve without significant efforts since you don’t need to perform any problematic configuration steps.

If users provide the installer with the necessary dependencies, you only need to accept the End-User License Agreement & click the install button, as the process is entirely automatic. You don’t even need to define an installation path or toggle shortcut creation on or off.

Comprehensive UI

This app features a smooth layout that encompasses an outstanding amount of functions organized in menus & toolbars for easier access.

Given that most of its features are complex, previous experience with similar programs can help you understand & operate this utility’s features effectively. However, if you get stuck at some point, you can quickly access its highly detailed help manual.

Create advanced video projects

It can help you create complex video projects on your PC by providing you with an outstanding amount of relevant features. Before users access its main window, they can generate a project file by specifying a name, choosing a size, a frame rate, & a bit value. Among the supported size presets, users can find 4K, HD, SD, & DV, while the FPS profiles range from 23.98 p to 59.94i, thus offering you a wide variety of possibilities.

You can add video & audio tracks, split them, insert In and Out points, split them in sequences, apply transition effects, link them, create video or audio captures, and add them on the spot and use an audio mixer, as well.

Features a library browser component

Besides providing you with complex video editing capabilities, this utility also comes with a library management component that lets you organize your content in a comfortable, intuitive way.

Users can add clips by selecting a folder to import all the supported files contained within it automatically. It’s also possible to add certain items to a favorites list so that users can access them more manageable when needed.

Powerful video editing tool with a considerable amount of functions

EDIUS Pro is a complex video editing application that can help you create high-quality, advanced projects by providing you with a broad range of features. It comes with a comprehensive UI, packs a library management component, and integrates a detailed help manual, which might come in handy if you encounter any difficulty.

More Formats, More Real-Time:

EDIUS Pro is the fastest and most versatile real-time editing software — period.

It supports 4K, 3D, HD, SD, & almost any format from 24×24 to 4Kx2K, all on the same timeline, even in nested sequences, all in real-time.

EDIUS Pro 9 means more formats & more resolutions in real-time for the ability to Edit Anything Fast. EDIUS 9 is the perfect finishing tool for professional productions, including documentaries and 4K theatrical productions.


EDIUS Pro takes advantage of Intel’s Quick Sync Video – incorporate into most recent Core i3, i5, and i7 processors – for super-fast H.264 export and amazingly fluid H.264 playback, even when editing 4K material.


The new GV Browser tool with EDIUS Pro 9 is perfect for organizing your video and still image media before editing.

Plays Well With Others:

It is open to third-party input and output hardware from Blackmagic Design, Matrox, and AJA Video Systems. It also supports AAF project import/export color correction interchange with DaVinci Resolve.

Other Features

This update provides the following additional features:
  • Start a new project using a preset or template.
  • Support for use with Windows 10
  • Also, it has support for RED metadata import.
  • Support for the latest generation Intel CPU (Sky Lake) for encoding/decoding accelerated by Quick Sync Video
The following issues are repaired or improved in this version:
  • STORM Pro doesn’t capture SDI embedded audio
  • STORM Pro doesn’t capture analog audio
  • It has Audio noise from STORM Pro when switching between Player and Recorder window in EDIUS.
  • If specific SMPTE effects are applied to a clip or clips, edge noise appears.
  • Intel Quick Sync Video doesn’t work for printing to file if the Intel HD graphics driver is updated.
  • Soft edge does not work in the Layout if it is applied at the outside of the clip.
  • User preset isn’t saved in an alpha custom effect.
  • Mask shape cannot be edited by using the Bezier curve in the Mask filter.
  • EDIUS crashes if the Burn to Disc menu is selected in a 4K project
  • Decode performance of DNxHD has been improved.
  • Decode performance of Apple ProRes has been improved.
  • Performance of encoding to AVC – Ultra has been improved.

GV Browser:

  • GV Browser starts up slowly.
  • Also, GV Browser freezes when exiting the GV Browser application.
  • GV Browser freeze s when playing specific MOV clips.
  • If a clip has a comment registered from GV Browser to the EDIUS Bin, the comment is not displayed in the registered clip.
  • Seek response for video clip preview has been improved
  • The imported clip does not have metadata that is added when importing the clip.
  • Fullscreen preview always runs on the primary monitor if two monitors are connected.
  • Also, GV Browser crashes if the verification result of the card copy dialog is closed by clicking the [X] button
  • GV Browser crashes if specific folders are refreshed in the folder tree.
  • The sort function does not work for the GV Browser folder in EDIUS Source Browser.
  • Comments and tags are not updated in EDIUS Source Browser even though they are updated in the GV Browser application.
  • EDIUS does not respond if refreshing the GV Browser folder in the EDIUS Source Browser

How to Download and Install?

  • First, download the EDIUS 9 Crack from the below link or button.
  • After that, Install the program.
  • After the installation process will finish, use the software.
  • Finally, Done. Enjoy!
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